Escarpment Soccer League

Tournament/Festival Rules


  1. Season ending festivals will consist of teams playing against scheduled opponents.  As per Ontario Soccer Grassroots Standards, no scores are documented for festivals.
    Season ending tournaments will consist of a Round Robin format with or without semi-finals and finals which depend on the number of teams entered. 
  2. Length of Games: The League will determine game length based on number of games and maximum allowable time that a player can play per day.
  3. Protests:  No protests concerning officials will be considered. All decisions of the referee are final.  Other protests must be filed with the convener within ½ hour of the game and will be dealt with by the convener.  The convener’s decisions are final.
  4. Fouls and misconducts:  In the event of a player receiving a red or yellow card the referee will report the infraction on the appropriate form to the convener’s table. Any player receiving a red card or 2 yellow cards in one game, or 3 yellow cards over the tournament will be suspended from the next game for his team.  Further suspension or discipline can be dispensed as the convener sees fit.  Dismissal of coach(s) or team officials from a game by a referee will automatically result in suspension from the next 2 tournament games, with possible further suspension if so decided by the convener/Discipline Chair.  It will also be brought to the attention of both the League and their home club, to be dealt with as seen fit.
  5. Time Allowance:  All teams shall report to the field at least 15 minutes before, and shall be warmed up and ready to take the field at the scheduled kick off time.  If a team is unable to field the required minimum of players at the schedule kick off, they shall forfeit the game to their opponent.  In no case shall a team who has forfeited a game be considered a pool or division winner.  If an apparent pool or divisional winner deliberately forfeits a game, they will be eliminated for moving on to the semi final or final play regardless of their record.  In either case, the team or teams with the next best records shall be named to the abandoned position(s).

Round Robin Tie Breaking Rules(Tournament Format Only, Festivals for U10/12 will not keep score)

Points will be awarded as follows:

  1. Win – 3 points
  2. Tie – 1 point
  3. Loss – 0 points

Pool or Division standings will be decided as follows:

  1. Most points

If there is a tie in points between two or more teams which affects the standings of teams eligible to move on to semi final play, the following format will be used to break the tie.

  1. head to head in tournament
  2. least goals against
  3. most goals for
  4. goal differential
  5. coin toss

Semi Final and Final Play (Tournament Format Only):   Games must have a winner

In the event of a tie in any of these games, the winner will be determined with kicks from the penalty mark as described by The Laws of the Game.

Amended and approved at 2014 Annual General Meeting

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