Escarpment Soccer League

Your Rights of Appeal

a) All discipline will be carried out in accordance with O.S.A. Discipline and Appeals Procedures details of which can be found on the O.S.A. website at
b) Most discipline is now carried out by “REVIEW”. The Discipline Committee will convene when necessary and a decision will be e-mailed to the Club within 24 hours of the hearing. No attendance is necessary at a Review Hearing. A player may request “Discipline By Hearing” in which case a request must be submitted in writing, together with the appeal hearing fee, to the Escarpment League Secretary within 48 hours of the game in which the offence occurred. 
c) The player and Club will be given 10 days notice of the scheduled hearing. The decision of the hearing panel will be advised to the Club within 24 hours of the hearing.
d) There is no appeal of a Discipline by Review decision. 
e) Appeals of Discipline By Hearing may be made to the Peel Halton Soccer Association or South West Region Soccer Association.
f) All cases of discipline alleging Game Official Assault will be handled by the District Association with which the accused is registered. The accused is automatically suspended from all soccer related activity until the matter has been disposed of.

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